I love nuts. All shapes and sizes. If I could eat them all day I would. So, naturally, nut butter was my next experiment and boy was it worth it – it tastes SO much better than the shop-bought stuff. Using a food processor over a blender makes the process easier but, HOORAY, it can indeed be made with a Nutribullet!

All you need is your favourite nut, a powerful blender and a few minutes to spare. Scroll down for a few of my favourite variations…


  1. Roast nuts at 150°C/ 300° for 10-15 minutes – watch out! When your kitchen fills with that delicious, just-baked smell, take ’em out! Nuts burn quickly, making your nuts taste bitter. 250g roughly makes 1 tub.
  2. Blend nuts in the tall cup of the Nutribullet with a pinch of salt (coarse sea salt if you can), scraping down paste from the walls when it gets stuck.
  3. After 10 minutes it should be a silky smooth consistency that just melts in your mouth… enjoy!

NOTE: The first butter I made I put all 250g of almonds into the tall Nutribullet cup and blended. I do NOT recommend doing this unless you want an upper body workout. It took twice as long as blending in 2 batches and you have to scrape the nuts down religiously.


The finished product! Ready to be smothered on everything and anything…


Added to my berry and ginger porridge for a delicious, nutritious twist 🙂


  1. Choose your base and roast your nuts (cashews/ almonds/ hazelnuts/ peanuts/ brazil nuts)
  2. If you want to make a crunchy nut butter, pulse 1/3 of the nuts and separate before blending the rest.
  3. Blend nuts in 1 or 2 batches with other dry ingredients if desired (coconut flakes/ chia/ flaxseeds/ cinnamon/ ginger/ turmeric)
  4. When the nuts turn to a paste, add wet ingredients if using (4/5 dates, agave, maple syrup, honey all add sweetness/ coconut oil TASTES AMAZING/ espresso)
  5. If making crunchy nut butter… re-add the crunch! Why not try halved, roasted hazlenuts/ pulsed nuts or seeds?
Almond butter and crunchy coconut and date butter.

Q: Can you make nut butters with raw nuts?

A: Yes! I roast them as I like the flavour of roasted nuts and it also releases some of the oils in the nuts making them easier to blend.

Q: How long does it keep for?

A: It should keep for 3 months in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


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