The art of monotasking

Day 3 detox; Day 2 minimalist challenge: Practice monotasking

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Day 3 breakfast

Wow. Who knew – monotasking and not multi-tasking is the way forward.

The pros of monotasking: 

  • I felt more focused and calm – by disconnecting from external distractions I focused more on what I was doing.
  • It felt liberating, using my phone less and concentrating on things that I wanted to concentrate on. I completed tasks more methodically.
  • I used my phone less – for me this is always a bonus.

The cons: 

Yet to be found

My two main observations from the day:

  1. I never eat meals, focused on my food – this is something which really shocked me! I am always doing something else whilst I eat, whether it’s reading a book or looking at my phone and so when it came to lunch time, it felt oddly solitary only eating. It was actually quite liberating, fancy that.
  2. I spend a lot less time on my phone – when I am monotasking I simply don’t use my phone as much, which I think goes to show what I used my phone for…


Meat-free, alcohol free update: day 4

So far, so good! I definitely feel lighter than when I do eating meat, I’m not sure my body ever really adjusted to eating it after being pescatarian, as I often felt lethargic post meaty meals.

I am still up north visiting family, so I would say that my diet is less varied than when I can pick ingredients and cook my own food at home. I seem to have substituted any meat  I would have for lunch or dinner, primarily chicken, with either salmon or tuna. I love fish, but I don’t think going from one extreme to another is exactly what I want to do. Saying that, it is only day 4 – at least when I am in London I can experiment a bit more with food and try and learn more about fitness nutrition for vegetarians/ pescatarians – does any body have any recommendations?

P.S. I cannot wait to get in the kitchen when I am back…! First stop – nut butters and protein balls. 

Next stop: Day 3 minimalist challenge – Clean out your inbox


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