Bad Egg, Moorgate – what’s the crack?

I had heard mixed reviews about Bad Egg and my curiosity finally got the better of me – I’m happy I tried it, but I’ll never go back – 2.0/5


Moorgate; ££ (2 burgers + 1 fries + 2 soft drinks: £37/ £18.50 p/p inc. service)


Bad Egg is famous for its weekend bottomless brunch – £35 for 2 hours of bottomless Bloody Marys, Frizzante or Mimosas accompanied by your choice of three breakfast items (non-alcoholic brunch, £23.50). However, having bottomlessed brunched at Asia de Cuba two days before, we thought we would save our livers and our lunch money and opted for the regular menu. (Review for Asia de Cuba soon to come!).

So what did we eat? 

We both had ‘The Bad Egg Burger’ and shared a portion of the Nduja cheese and fried egg fries.

‘The Bad Egg Burger’ – beef patty, Nduja cheese fondue, soft egg yolk, pickles, onions and yellow mustard


How was the food?

Average. The cheese fondue which oozed from the burger had the texture and taste of the type of cheese that’s packed in individual wrappers and served on burgers in McDonalds. The burger itself – average again. I like my burger to have a bit more bite, the meat broke apart easily in your mouth – easy to digest I guess?


The fries! I was so excited for the fries – fries topped with a fried egg and cheese… yes yes yes! But they too, were mediocre. I was beginning to understand what all those bad reviews were about.


Decent – no complaints there.

Value for money:

In London, £37 for 2 people is the average I would expect to pay for a proper lunch out with a soft drink and service included. Any more than that and I would’ve felt slightly ripped off.

Would I go back:


If you’re going to go:

Book in advance, you can book even on a Sunday.

Best for:

The novelty of going. When you’re feeling something different and you have had enough avocado poached egg to last you a lifetime (guilty!).

How was your experience at Bad Egg? Comment below and let me know!


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